WordPress Management Services

We provide comprehensive WordPress management services, including hosting, support, development, backups, security checks, and more, all delivered by our team of experts.





Reliable WordPress Hosting

Trust us to host your WordPress site on our high-performance servers, ensuring fast load times and minimal downtime.

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Expert WordPress Support

Our team of skilled developers is available 24/7 to help you with any WordPress issue, from minor bugs to major crises.

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Custom WordPress Development

We create tailored WordPress solutions that meets your business needs, from design and development to optimization and security.

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High quality products and solutions that we stand behind

Whether you need a cutting-edge marketing site or a complex business appliciation, we’ll help bring your vision to life.

E-commerce (WooCommerce)

Whether you’re selling the latest fashion, handmade crafts, or digital downloads, you need regular support to keep your online store secure, process payments smoothly, and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Membership Websites

Your website is the hub for your exclusive community, and regular support is essential to ensure that your members can access the content they need, communicate with each other, and stay engaged. 

Business Applications

From complex integrations to dynamic content management, a powerful corporate website requires regular support to stay up-to-date, maintain its structure, and offer a seamless user experience for your team.

Educational Websites

Education never stops, and neither does the need for regular support. You can rely on a dedicated support team to keep your learning management system running smoothly.

Multilingual Websites

Websites that cater to a global audience with multiple languages require regular support to ensure the correct display of content, translation updates, and multilingual SEO optimization.

News and Media Websites

Websites that publish news, articles, or multimedia content require regular support to maintain their publishing schedules, troubleshoot technical issues, and optimize their performance for high traffic.

Website Management, Simplified

Your Zapy Dashboard


Gain deep insights with detailed metrics on who is visiting your websites and apps.

Uptime Monitoring

Keep tabs on your sites’ uptime performance with monitoring history.


View a comprehensive log of all support activities and resolutions provided for your sites.

Brand Guides

Easily access and utilize your site’s branding elements, including logos, colors, and fonts.

Team Management

Empower your team by granting them access to essential dashboard resources.

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What our customers say about us

Our passion is helping our customers launch and grow their businesses online

Sam A.

“We have a fairly complex WooComerce store, and Zapy has been absolutely incredible helping to keep it up and running smoothly. I have been very pleased with their knowledge and response time. Basically any problem we have, no matter how small or complex, they can fix. The folks at Zapy aren’t just highly competent web gurus—they’re cool people who are great to work with. Highly recommended.”

Edward S.


“The Zapy team has been extremely helpful in supporting and maintaining my company’s website over 5 years.”

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WordPress tips and tricks

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Creating and Managing Exclusive Membership Communities on WordPress

Creating and Managing Exclusive Membership Communities on WordPress

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Custom WordPress Development: Building Your Success

Custom WordPress Development: Building Your Success

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